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Schuhwerke – what is is all about?

Why there should be more free lunches

Most people will tell you:there is no such thing as a free lunch. Meaning: in business and in life, you have to pay for everything. They generally imagine a two way transaction where a supplier gives you something in return for some form of financial compensation. The price you are charged depends on how scarce […]

This is Neil’s desk at Schuhwerke

17th century Serendipity machine

Samuel Hartlib (1600 – 1662) was German-British polymath, active promoter and expert writer in many fields, interested in science, medicine, acupuncture, politics and education. He is often described as an intelligencer, and his goal was to record all the human knowledge and to make it universally available for the education of all mankind. Enough paraphrasing […]

Great Sand Dunes NP, Colorado.Regus business lounges: a co-working experience it ain’t…..Having recently received my complementary access card for Regus business lounges (wohoo, something for free!), I was keen to try what is being promoted as

the peace, support and dedicated resources that coffee shops and hotels simply don’t provide”.

I will admit, I thought it’d safe me some coffee money, too. Having visited two offices so far (one near Victoria, the other near Kings Cross), I am not convinced I’ll rush back.

Yes, there is free wifi; yes, there are free drinks of water (tabwater to be precise, although sometimes it is filtered), sachets of coffee and basic teabags but in terms of atmosphere and experience, these lounges lag far behind even a Pret or Starbucks. The lounges are fairly small, and hush, hush, oh so quiet. This fine if you are looking for deadly silence, but if you are a freelancer, looking for the hubbub of a coworking space, to escape the monotony of working from home or simply looking for an inspirational environment, you are probably better off in a coffee shop – or a jelly or real co-working space (google either, and you will bombarded with options: even outside London).